“What is Wellow Twinning Association?”

A village association of people of all ages and from all walks of life who enjoy participating in social events and visits celebrating our links with the French village of Couffe.

“And just where is Couffe and what is it like?”

Couffe is situated in the Loire Atlantique department. The nearest town is Ancenis to the east and the nearest large city is Nantes to the west. The village is smaller than Wellow set in a pleasant rural area not far from the River Loire.

“What are the people like?”

What Couffe lacks in population, it makes up in spirit. As well as being twinned with Wellow it is also twinned with Bogel in Germany, and villages in Romania and Bulgaria along with strong links in the Czech Republic. Their hospitality is amazing and whether we visit as a village or individually we are always sure of a very warm welcome.

“So do you have to speak good French?”

Certainly not. Many members only have school French. It just doesn’t matter. Armed with a dictionary, phrase books and a few glasses of wine, we are all quite fluent in each others language by the end of the weekend.

“What else happens?”

Throughout the year the Association organises social events, not only to raise funds but to have fun and maintain contact with members. These events are not exclusive and all are welcome.

Some members have arranged very successful exchanges and many, having built up a good friendship with a French family, also make private visits to the village.

“How can I find out more before deciding whether to join?”

People of all ages who like the idea of twinning are invited to phone: Sandra Tutton 01794 322852
e-mail tutts1947@yahoo.co.uk

Lorna Thaxter (01794 322414)
e-mail l_thaxter@hotmail.co.uk