Wellow Neighbourhood Plan

Wellow Neighbourhood Plan

The proposed Wellow Neighbourhood Plan is progressing well due to the hard work and dedication being put into it by the Steering Group which comprises of both volunteers and Councillors and is led by Chairman, Mike Freeman.

As part of the ongoing work, we have been advised that we need to supply lots of photographs of the many lovely views that we are lucky enough to have in and around Wellow village such as those from St Margarets' Church, but really any views that you feel are worth protecting from future development.

We are therefore asking residents, when you go on walks or cycle rides around Wellow, please take a camera or mobile phone with you and snap any views that you think should be preserved.

You need to catalogue what it depicts, where it is, the date your picture was taken and from what direction.

Please send all photographs with these details to the Parish Office from where they will be passed on to Mike and his team.

Many thanks for your help with this – it’s really important that our parish retains its special features for future generations.

The results are in -    read the results of the 2018 Neighbourhood Plan Survey in Summary or view the PowerPoint presentation  (2Mb file) for more detailed results

Agendas 2019

Agenda - Steering Group - 21 October
- Steering Group - 15 July
- Steering Group - 15 April
- Steering Group - 18 March
 - Steering Group - 29 January 

Community facilities/services - Introduction by Team Leader David Mallinson (Oct 2017)

Agendas 2017/18

Agenda - Steering Group - 19th November 2018
- Steering Group - 15th September 2018
- Steering Group - 16th July 2018
- Steering Group - 18th June 2018
- Steering Group - 21st May 2018
- Steering Group - 16th April 2018
- Steering Group - 19 March 2018
- Steering Group - 19 February 2018
- Steering Group - 15 January 2018
- Steering Group - 18 December 2017
Agenda - Steering Group - 20 November 2017
- Steering Group - 16 October 2017
- Steering Group - 18 September 2017

Details of the Neighbourhood Plan are posted here as we need all the parish to be aware of the project and what it means for our community.

What we are trying to do?

The Neighbourhood Plan is a formal evidence-based process based on community involvement which, when approved, has formal status from a statutory perspective in terms of local planning policy.

Test Valley Borough Council has an approved Local Plan which has been successfully tested and in the context of our parish does not permit significant new build in Wellow, which is not a designated area for housing development.

Part of Wellow parish falls with the New Forest National Park for which a current Local Plan exists and a new draft Local Plan (2016 – 2036) has been submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination.

Inspectors have been appointed and hearing dates timetabled foe 6 to 15 November 2018 on the list of matters, issues and questions that the inspectors have raised.

One of the supporting documents forming part of the National Park Authority’s Local Plan submission is a Statement of Common Ground with TVBC.

TVBC is the statutory housing authority for the area of the National Park that lies within Test Valley. Key agreements between TVBC and the National Park Authority on strategic matters are that:

  • the Government’s standardised methodology for calculating housing needs does not apply within the National Park
  • TVBC are unable to assist in meeting the shortfall (c. 460 dwellings over the period to 2036) in the National Park’s housing requirement
  • Both authorities recognise that development in the National Park and adjacent areas has the potential to impact on the internationally protected habitats of the New Forest

Both of the Local Plans (currently in force and under preparation) are important documents as we prepare our Neighbourhood Plan for Wellow.  We need to be able to demonstrate that our Neighbourhood Plan is in conformity with the strategic policies in the adopted Local Plan for the area.  Part of our work is to meet regularly with TVBC (and to ask for guidance and updates on their bi-lateral meetings with the National Park Authority) to check our progress relative to the strategic policies of the borough.

How will the project be done?

Moving the project forward to an approved plan is a multi-step process which needs to follow a clear path so that the results can be externally approved and the plan shown to be based on evidence.  TVBC have a helpful Community Planning template that we are using as our guide.

There are basically five steps:

  1. Set-up
  2. Identify community needs and priorities
  3. Identify and review opportunities and options
  4. Produce a draft plan
  5. Validate and secure approval, including a local referendum

Each step involves detailed community engagement and consultation and is a formal checkpoint before we move on to the next one.  As of October 2018 we are well into step 2 – identifying community needs and priorities.  A key part of this step is the issue and analysis of a community-wide survey.  This will be supplemented by further consultations with businesses, clubs and other groups in the parish.

How are we organised?

A Steering Committee has been set-up with overall responsibility for the project.  This is a formal sub-committee of the Parish Council and consists of both Parish Council and community members.  In simple terms the Parish Council retains overall responsibility for the project, but its execution is delegated to the Neighbourhood Plan team.  The team is chaired by Trevor Grant (Parish Council) with other members drawn from the community and the Parish Council.  The following work groups report in to the Steering Committee:

  • Project Office
  • Community Facilities/services, including health and social care
  • Development
  • Environment

How can you get involved?

We are making good progress but much remains to be done.  If you are interested in helping your community to shape its future by actively assisting in developing the Neighbourhood Plan then please contact us and come along to the Steering Committee meetings.

Best contact is email – cllrtgrant@wellowparish.org.uk