Water Supply at Wellow Burial Ground

The water supply at Wellow Burial Ground (& St Margaret’s Church) is generously supplied from a well from a nearby private landowner.

The agreement to supply the Burial Ground was formed many many years ago for which we are thankful.

The Parish Council has no control over this water supply, is not warned in advance that the water supply is interrupted, and cannot guarantee that water will be available as this is dependent on conditions at the landowner’s site and the well being able to supply the water.

The Parish Council advises residents to take a bottle of water with them when taking flowers to visit graves in case the supply to the tap is interrupted.

Wellow Parish Burial Ground is situated adjacent to the Church Burial Ground (which is run by the diocese) at St Margaret’s Church, off Hackleys Lane, Wellow, SO51 6DR.

Burial Ground – Update 8/10/2019

As part of an ongoing review of the Parish Council’s burial ground, it was resolved by the Council at its meeting on 7 October 2019, to cease the option for non-Residents and ex-Parishioners to be interred at Wellow Parish Burial Ground with immediate effect, except where an Exclusive Right of Burial is already held.

With space at the burial ground limited, this decision was taken to protect the current residents of Wellow.