Our next meeting is the Planning & General Purposes meeting at 6.45pm on 4th November, followed by the Parish Council meeting at 7.15pm

All residents are very welcome to attend, and we look forward to seeing you.

Burial Ground – Update 8/10/2019

As part of an ongoing review of the Parish Council’s burial ground, it was resolved by the Council at its meeting on 7 October 2019, to cease the option for non-Residents and ex-Parishioners to be interred at Wellow Parish Burial Ground with immediate effect, except where an Exclusive Right of Burial is already held.

With space at the burial ground limited, this decision was taken to protect the current residents of Wellow.

All forms etc. have been temporarily removed from the website while the paperwork is updated to reflect agreed changes.  Should you have any queries on the burial ground, please contact the Clerk or the Chair of the Parish Council.

Wellow Neighbourhood Plan

We are shortly about to distribute our Parish Housing Needs Survey to all households in the parish. (Further information on this will follow)

Should the results of this determine that we require additional housing, we will need to review the possibility of making appropriate site allocations within our Wellow Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

In view of this and as part of the Neighbourhood Plan evidence gathering, we would like to ensure that we have a full understanding of all the development sites in the Parish which have been or are being put forward for consideration.

Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) are currently carrying out their call for sites for their Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) for the whole Borough.

This is the way for land owners and developers to register their sites and for TVBC to identify whether a site may be considered suitable, available and achievable for future development.

This current work follows on from their previous SHELAA in February 2018.

Whilst the above will provide an up to date position in terms of whether a site would be considered 'developable' and deliverable within our Neighbourhood Plan timescale, our work will include a further assessment of the suitability of these sites, which will be based on a more detailed methodology.

It should be noted that as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process of assessing sites or reviewing those looked at within the TVBC SHELAA documents, this does not mean that a site will be allocated for housing (even where the conclusion may state that it would be suitable).

We will be led by the needs of the parish, which will be evidenced from various public consultation events and technical studies carried out.

Where it is necessary to allocate sites for residential development, this will not be undertaken without consultation with parishioners and the publication of evidence to highlight any need and assessment work undertaken.

The result of such work and future events will be publicly accessible on our website as it becomes available.

More information on the call for sites and the SHELAA (including the 2018 SHELAA) can be found here

You face an unlimited fine if your rubbish is found fly-tipped

cartoon man with dog using a mobile phone to report fly-tipping

Always use a licensed waste carrier.



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Do you own land that has a watercourse or drainage ditch on or adjacent to it?

Answer: Yes –You are therefore a ‘riparian landowner’ and you are responsible for maintaining those watercourses.

Cold Calling

Hampshire Police and Trading Standards want to remind people not to be pressured into signing up for services and goods that they don’t actually need.