Our next meeting is the Planning & General Purposes meeting to be held on 3rd June at 6.45pm followed by the Parish Council meeting at 7.15pm  All residents are very welcome to attend, and we look forward to seeing you.

Statement regarding Casual Vacancy on the Parish Council

There has been speculation regarding the latest vacancy.

To clarify,

Mr Brar sent his apologies by letter dated 7th May to the Parish Council indicating that he would not be attending the Annual General Meeting of the Council on the 8th May 2019, the first Council meeting following the elections held on the 2nd May.

Mr Brar's apologies were duly noted at that meeting and recorded.

However, Mr Brar was also required, by law, if he was not able to attend the meeting, to ask that a resolution be passed at that meeting which would allow him to sign the necessary paperwork at a later date.

Mr Brar did not make such a request and is therefore not a Parish Councillor.

A casual vacancy has been advertised as per the election process, which is set down in legislation.

Casual Vacancy For A Councillor

Notice given under Rule 5 of the of the Local Elections (Parishes and Communities) (England and Wales) Rules 2006
1 There is a vacancy on the Parish Council
2 A by-election to fill the vacancy will be held if, not later than Friday 7 June 2019, ten electors for the parish give notice in writing, claiming such an election be held, to the Returning Officer. If no such notice is given the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option
3 The address of the Returning Officer is -
Test Valley Borough Council
Council Offices
Beech Hurst
Weyhill Road
SP10 3AJ

Notice given this 17th day of May 2019
Sharon Whitehouse
Clerk of the Parish Council

Casual Vacancy .......... The process explained

The Parish Council does not decide if there is to be a by-election. This is decided by the residents of Wellow.

A by-election will only be held if 10 electors of the Parish give notice in writing to TVBC asking for an election to fill the vacancy.

If this does not happen, then the Returning Officer at TVBC usually notifies the Parish Council that it can co-opt to fill the vacancy.

Legislation prevents the Parish Council from moving straight to co-option as suggested by some residents.

Whilst I might personally agree that this would seem like the most sensible thing to do, the Parish Council must abide by the democratic process.

I hope this clarifies the matter for Wellow residents and answers a few questions.

Sharon Whitehouse
Parish Clerk

Be tick aware

It is that time of year again with the lengthening evenings and warmer weather when  we are tempted to don our shorts and go for a good walk on Half Moon or Canada Common.

Although ticks can be active all year round in long grass, bracken, heather, woodland and hedgerows especially where deer and livestock are present they are more prevalent during the summer months.

Ticks can carry organisms which may cause physical and neurological illness in humans and animals.

It is sensible to take precautions and be aware of what action to take in the event of being bitten.


  • Wear long trousers or gaiters tucked into socks
  • Use insect repellent
  • Check yourself for ticks regularly


  • Wear surgical gloves
  • Use a tick-removal tool or fine nosed tweezers
  • Disinfect the tick bite
  • Wash your hands afterwards
  • Make a note of the date and place of the bite
  • Contact your GP if you notice a rash or flu-like symptoms

What NOT to use when removing ticks

  • Creams/ petroleum jelly/ oils/ spirits/ freezing agent/ powders/ or other substances
  • Cigarettes/ matches/ lighter
  • Anything that squeezes the body of the tick

(all these methods may cause regurgitation/ back-flow of infective fluids)

Further information is available from Public Health England: www.gov.uk/phe

Use our postcode checker to find out if you can get superfast broadband now: www.hampshiresuperfastbroadband.com/myparish/

Controlled Burning on Wellow Common

Please be advised that as part of the ongoing management program - controlled burning is being carried out on Wellow Common. This complies with all recommended practices and safety procedures.

The Fire Brigade was called out on Friday 22nd February by a member of the public. If there is evidence of fires getting out of control and there is a risk to health and safety, please contact Councillor John Sampson on 01794 322 923 in the first instance

Our Planning Process – further information

In our latest Newsletter the Chair provides an update on the planning process adopted by Wellow Parish Council.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of space, a large section of the article had to be cut.

However, the Parish Council is keen that residents are kept informed about what happens at the Parish Council, so we thought it would be helpful to post this additional information on the website.

Our Planning Process (PDF)

You face an unlimited fine if your rubbish is found fly-tipped

cartoon man with dog using a mobile phone to report fly-tipping

Always use a licensed waste carrier.



Hampshire County Council, Test Valley Borough Council, Environment Agency logos

Do you own land that has a watercourse or drainage ditch on or adjacent to it?

Answer: Yes –You are therefore a ‘riparian landowner’ and you are responsible for maintaining those watercourses.

Cold Calling

Hampshire Police and Trading Standards want to remind people not to be pressured into signing up for services and goods that they don’t actually need.