Wellow Neighbourhood Plan

Community facilities/services - Introduction by Team Leader David Mallinson (Oct 2017)

The Neighbourhood Plan is posted here as we need all the parish to be aware of the project and what it means for our community. As outlined at the recent Annual Parish Meeting, the Neighbourhood Planning project has now been re-launched with a slightly different approach and plan designed to better reflect our priorities.

Agenda - Steering Group - 15 January 2018
Agenda -
Steering Group - 18 December 2017
Agenda - Steering Group - 20 November 2017
- Steering Group - 16 October 2017
- 18 September 2017

What are we trying to do?

Neighbourhood Plan is a formal evidence-based process based on community involvement which, when approved, has formal status in terms of local planning policy.

The scope varies from community to community depending on their circumstances but can be narrow with a very specific focus on development, or broad with a focus on all areas of community need.

The original focus of our project was the former given urgency by
both significant applications for housing development and the lack of a Test Valley Borough Council approved Local Plan.

This situation has changed. TVBC has an approved Local Plan which has been successfully tested and does not permit significant new build in Wellow, which is not a designated area for housing development.

Developing a Neighbourhood Plan, building on the work already done, is still very important to enable us to shape and influence the future of Wellow to best reflect community needs and priorities.

The result will be a Neighbourhood Plan, including possible revisions to the Village Design Statement, plus a linked and updated Parish Plan to cover the broader picture.

These will be used by TVBC on matters related to planning applications, but have a wider purpose.

They will provide, for example, an agenda and priorities for Wellow Parish Council and increase our ability to influence a range of other bodies on whom we depend.

How will we do it?

This is a multi-step process which needs to follow a clear path so that the results can be externally approved and shown to be based on evidence. TVBC have a helpful Community Planning template which we will

TVBC have a helpful Community Planning template which we will
be using as a guide.

There are basically five steps:
1. Set up
2. Identify community needs and priorities
3. Identify and review opportunities and options
4. Produce a draft plan
5. Validate and secure approval, including a local referendum

Each step involves detailed community engagement and consultation and is a formal checkpoint before we move to the next one.

We are currently completing Set up for the relaunch which will provide clear project objectives and scope, the team in place and roles defined, plus a detailed approach and plan for the next step.

How are we organised?

We are setting up a Steering Committee with overall responsibility for the project. This is a sub-committee

This is a sub-committee of the Parish Council consisting of both Parish Council and community members. In simple terms the Parish

In simple terms the Parish Council retains overall responsibility for the project but its execution is delegated to the Neighbourhood
Plan team.

The team will consist of:
Chair Alan Wright, Deputy Chair Trevor Grant (Parish Council) plus five other members drawn from the community or the Parish Council with the following specific roles:

1. Project office, plus workgroup leads for
2. Development
3. Community facilities/services including health/social care
4. Environment, landscape, transport and roads
5. Economy, employment, education and skills

Each workgroup will have its own team responsible for developing plans for their area.

How can you get involved?

We are making good progress in resourcing the Steering Committee and Workgroups but we are not there yet!

If you are interested in helping to shape the future of your community by actively participating in developing the plan for Wellow then please contact us as soon as possible.

Additional help is needed in a number of areas so we can be flexible depending on your interests and time availability.

Best contact is email - cllrtgrant@wellowparish.org.uk