Romsey & Southampton North

Caroline Nokes - Votes 26,285
Ben Nicholls - Votes 8,573
Liberal Democrat
Darren Paffey - Votes 5,749
Sandra James - Votes 5,511
Ian Callaghan - Votes 2,280
Green Party

Turnout: 72.8%

Parish Council Election

The Parish Council Election is uncontested with only 5 candidates standing for 11 seats.  Please consider standing for co option to one of the 6 seats left to be filled.  These seats cannot be formally advertised until 4 days after the election, however, if you are interested in applying please let the Clerk know or contact the Clerk for further information.

Standing as a Parish Councillor

Find out more about standing for election as a parish councillor on the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) website which provides these publications:

You can also find guidance and resources for parish and community election candidates on the Electoral Commission  parish and community election pages.

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