The next Planning and General Purposes Committee meeting and the full meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 7th November 2016 in the Wellow Room at 6:45pm and 7:15 respectively.

Community Garden – We Need Your Support

The Council is looking at creating a Community Garden area to the left of the current Cricket Pavilion at the Recreation Ground in Wellow which is currently a very scruffy rough bank with bald patches and no planting.

The plan is that this will start as soon as funding for the project is secured.  There is currently very little seating in the Recreation Ground for viewing the cricket, watching the youngsters in the childrens’ play area/multi sports area but also a real lack of general seating just to enjoy the open spaces or when taking a break from walking the dog!

The idea is to install a circular path approximately 10 metres in diameter with seating areas placed at North, South, East and West bearings and a central planted area. (Design PDF)

Both the East and South seats would be back to back enabling those seated to view either the garden or the cricket/play areas.  A flagpole would be placed in the centre of the garden which would create a sun dial effect with demarked lines in the paving delineating hours of the day.

The idea is to use planting that requires very little maintenance but with year round effect.

Unfortunately the Parish Council are not able to finance this project and we are therefore in the process of completing a funding bid to cover the cost.  In order for this bid to be successful, a lot of emphasis is placed on whether the residents and local community are supportive of the idea and positive support will feature heavily when a decision is made as to whether funding will be offered.

The Parish Council is really keen to provide more attractive and useful communal areas for residents of the village and feel that this garden and seating would be a really attractive addition.

If you agree that this project is a good idea, I would be very grateful if you could send a short e-mail of support to the Parish Council e-mail address:

Thank you for your help.

Gaye Chesterton-Kay
Wellow Parish Council

Theft from motor vehicles

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Parish Footpaths

A list of all footpaths in the Parish is available on application to the Clerk and are here on the Parish Website  on page 14 of the Visual Design Statement . The Parish Council work hard to ensure they are kept in good condition and to that end Hampshire County Council have agreed to extend the boardwalk on footpath 22 by 12 meters during the next Financial Year. Should you notice any maintenance issues, please email the Clerk or Cllr John Sampson to report.